Basic Computer Course – February 2021

Computer Training Course Dublin

Free Basic Internet Training – Getting Citizens Online Course at CEEDS

  • This Course will be spread out over 4 classes (10 hours total, 2.5 hours per class).
  • Attendance for all 4 classes is mandatory
  • More than ever, the internet has become a valuable tool for basic everyday online tasks. This Course will teach Learners how to access information online, use email, use video streaming, shop online and much more. Covid-19 has seen far more people using the internet than ever before (I have heard somewhere that YouTube usage was up 700% during the lockdown)
  • Classes are short (up to 2 and a half hours) and can be safely managed from a public health perspective.
  • CEEDS was one of the first training Centres in the region to reopen (we were only the third ECDL Centre in Ireland to reopen) after the nationwide lockdown and recommence our Classroom-based community training programs. We spent months undergoing a complete revamp of our training infrastructure and facilities to ensure compliance with the highest levels of safety protocols.
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This course is free to eligible applicants from the following Target groups:                                                                                                                            

•           Age profile 45+

•           Farming communities

•           Small business owners (10 people)

•           Unemployed persons

•           Persons with disabilities

•           Disadvantaged groups

Important: Training is open to new applicants only. Applicants must not have completed this training Course previously at CEEDS or any other venue.

Apply: Call us on 01-6233629 or email