Customer Service Course October 2021

Customer Service course Online

Customer Service – 7th October 2021

Brief Course Outline & Details

Face to Face virtual Classroom

This is a Virtual Classroom Course. The Course Schedule will follow similar structure to classroom-based course: 4 days real-time training delivered by Video (virtual Classroom). Regular breaks will be provided by the Tutor throughout the video training sessions. Candidates will require access to a Computer or device with an internet connection and which has a camera/webcam. The face-to-face courses 4 weeks long and learners don’t need to be as tech-savvy as they would to use the Blended learning courses. There will be self-directed work to be completed (assignments and skills demonstrations for all Courses) and the Tutor will explain all of this clearly during the Course.

  • The aim of this course is to equip the learner with the skills and knowledge in the practices and principles in the role of customer service. Satisfactory completion of this module can be used as a standalone certificate or to assist learners aiming for higher qualifications, especially the Major Award of  Sales and Administration
  • Examine the principles of customer service within a range of environments
  • Identify the key features of good customer service, to include distinguishing between different kinds of customers, making a good first impression, meeting customer needs, catering for diversity and disability, understanding and responding to customer perceptions
  • Explain the standards or rating system by which customer service is developed and measured in an industry-specific area
  • Identify, for a vocationally-specific area, key elements of consumer legislation and the functions of associated regulatory organisations providing customer protection, representation and redress
  • Explain how customer service enhances organisational effectiveness and success, to include practical examples of organisations with good customer care
  • Describe how customer perceptions can be influenced, to include elements such as the physical environment, printed materials, the personal presentation and conduct of a customer contact person
  • Apply the personal skills, qualities and attitudes required to perform effectively when dealing with customers, to include active listening skills, positive body language and observation of customer behaviour
  • Use appropriate communication technologies to include, telephone, audio visual, conferencing, email and other interactive media in a range of customer service situations
  • Use written and verbal skills to include appropriate style, language and tone
  • Handle a range of correspondence and records providing a service to the customer, to include orders, invoices, payments, and correspondence made both in writing and electronically
  • Respond to customer complaints and compliments in accordance with organisational policy
  • Handle a range of challenging situations, to include late and unexpected arrivals, customer errors, difficult customers, changing environments
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Learner Record 40%, Skills Demonstration 60%


Virtual Classroom – Begins 7th October 2021

Cost: €250*

Entry Requirements

Leaving certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experience. Participants must speak and work in English at a standard appropriate to the course content.

*NCU QQI Certification fee is not included in the total cost of the course, Medical cardholders, People in receipt of a SWA payments may be exempt from QQI Fees.