Book your Exam at CEEDS

ICDL ECDL Test Centre

CEEDS is an accredited ICDL Examination Centre. We support the following Microsoft Office Software platforms: Office 2016, Office 2010 and Office 2007

Our I.T Training Lab is a huge, accessible, flexible, and well-ventilated Training Space and one of the most advanced facilities in the entire region.

Before Booking your Exam at CEEDS:

1. Exam Booking enquiries must be made by Email to ceedstraining@gmail.com 

2.Exam Bookings cannot be made by Phone. 

3. CEEDS will advise Exam Candidates by Email of the available Exam times/slots. Please note that Examination slot availability will be severely restricted due to Covid-19 government regulations.  

4. All Examination dates/times are fixed and cannot be changed once confirmed. Exam cancellations must be reported to CEEDS by telephone on (01) 6233629 no later than one hour prior to the time of your scheduled Examination. Examination no-shows may be referred to your eCollege Tutor or relevant eCollege personnel.

5. All Examinations are subject to CEEDS Digital Examination rules and regulations Guide (revised 30th July 2020) – Please download and read carefully before booking an Exam at CEEDS:

Your Examination is not confirmed until:

1. CEEDS receives Email approval of your valid Examination credit from your Tutor. 

2. You (the Exam candidate and not a third party) contact CEEDS by Email in relation to all Exam Booking enquiries.  

3. You receive Email notification from CEEDS that your Exam Slot has been booked. 

4. To Book an Exam at CEEDS Exam Candidates must present valid Photographic Identification (Passport, Driving license, Photographic DSP Identity Card or Student Identity card). Only registered Exam Applicants who have been approved a sitting for the given Exam may enter the Examination Centre. Candidates must present their Identification for each of their individual Examinations at CEEDS. Candidates who do not present valid identification will be denied entry to the Examination Room.