Mindfulness for stress reduction

Free Training Course – October 2023

This course is provided by CEEDS in association with DDLETB

Course description

This highly experiential programme teaches you the skills to manage and reduce stress in everyday life. Mindfulness can assist with developing greater resilience, stress reduction and self-regulation while at the same time developing greater self-awareness and improved communication. The practices learned throughout the programme support you in developing new and skilful ways to respond to stress. Effectively, participants discover increased well-being and improved communication in relationships with people, challenges and opportunities.

What you will learn

Present moment awareness through mindful eating and mindful movement.

Develop deeper self-awareness and skilful responses to stress through mindfulness practices.

How to deal with stress and life challenges in new ways that support you, others and positive outcomes.

Effective communication skills.

Develop compassion and self-compassion for improved relationships with yourself and others. 

How to take your practice with you beyond the eight-week program and take the lead in your life for sustained well-being and optimum performance.

Benefits of Mindfulness for Stress Management

The everyday benefits of mindfulness practice are endless. However, here are some that may be relevant to you.

Improved health and well-being

Improved sleep

Emotional regulation and improved relationships

Effective communication skills

Increased pain management

Energy management

Increased menopause management

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and increase well-being. All techniques and skills learned throughout this programme are evidence-based and aim to support you in discovering new and healthy ways of being with life.

Attendance: Full attendance is required for all classes.

Registration: Program eligibility criteria applies. Contact CEEDS for further information

How to book a place on this Course: Places are strictly limited on this course and subject to eligibility terms and booking conditions. Please contact us on 01-6233629 or email news@ceeds.ie

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