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Welfare information service

Clinic Open Monday to Friday 10AM – 2PM

Наш офіцер з соціального забезпечення розмовляє українською та російською мовами

Чи Ви знали, що CEEDS надає безкоштовні та конфіденційні консультації щодо соціального забезпечення в Ірландії?
Ми допоможемо з Вашими запитаннями щодо соціального захисту та допоможемо заповнити заявки та форми.
Наш консультант з соціального забезпечення розмовляє українською та російською мовами. Послуги надаються без попереднього запису.
Консультаційна клініка відкрита з понеділка по пятницю з 10 до 14 години.
Ви можете зателефонувати нам за телефоном 01-6233629.

Welfare Appeals Service

Information and Representation Service

Clinic every Monday from 10AM – 2PM at CEEDS

Social Welfare Appeals service at CEEDS

If you need to appeal a decision to the Social Welfare Appeals Office or the Ombudsman’s Office, our Officer can represent you.

Initial consultation is free. This will allow you to gain enough information in order to decide if you want to appeal and whether you would like to be represented.

If after the first consultation you decide that you need full representation, we offer a no-win, no-fee service. If you do not win your case, we will not charge you anything. If you do win, your fee is paid out of the backdated payment that you receive from your Social Welfare entitlement.

This is an appointment only service – Every Monday at CEEDS Clondalkin from 10AM – 2PM. To make an appointment with an Officer, please call CEEDS on 01-6233629 or email

Your Social Welfare Entitlements

Social Welfare rules are changing all the time. Your social welfare entitlements also change along with your circumstances. Sometimes we don’t think about how changes will affect our social welfare payments. There are also a number of secondary benefits and social welfare payments that not everyone is aware of. We recommend that you check your social welfare entitlements at least once every year, and also every time you experience a change of circumstances. You may not be receiving everything that you are entitled to.

Check to see whether you are getting the right rate of payment (e.g., if you are under 26 or if you have means assessed against you), whether there are any secondary benefits you are entitled to, and how your social welfare payment will be affected if you start working.

Contact us to make an appointment at our Monday clinic at CEEDS, and one of our experts can go over your circumstances to see if you are receiving everything you are entitled to.

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